Kawari 8 plugin

* About this plugin

This plugin uses the original Kawari 8.x. NiseRingo itself doesn't have ability to boot Kawari8-ghosts up.

License is inherited from the original, the modified BSD license. Read included license.txt for details.
Source code of the plugin is also included in the nar archive, but the Kawari itself isn't included. This archive includes MacOS X binaries of kawari_encode, kawari_encode2, kawari_decode2, kosui. Make use of them to the development of Kawari8-ghost.

* Download (archive)
Kawari8 plugin #824 [4948hit][2006/09/14]
Kawari8 plugin #820 [4313hit][2004/02/13]
Kawari8 plugin #0 [2486hit][2004/01/31]
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