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About plug-ins

Historically, Niseringo has incorporated SHIORI interpreters written in Java, and were doing jobs with only them. Because almost all SHIORI interpreters didn't come with source code, we couldn't use them on our Mac.

Today, many interpreters come with source code, so NiseRingo uses them by making Niseringo Plug-ins based on them. Since I stopped developing Java-based interpreters, recent ghosts do not work without appropriate plug-ins.

Therefore you should install at least the following plug-ins after you install the NiseRingo:

Going to the Tiger

Now we have to make NiseRingo an universal binary due to the coming of Intel Mac. So NiseRingo works only on MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) from now. The final release for the Panther is #106.

Going to the Panther (Old)

Since there are number of incompatibilities between 10.2 and 10.3, the developer's environment has been changed also from ProjectBuider to Xcode, I stopped development of NiseRingo for Jaguar (10.2).

The final release that works on Jaguar is #101. I will keep the release available for quite a while.

Stable release

The word "stable" tends to be a synonym for "antique" or "fossil". I don't release a new stable so frequently, because of my laziness. You should always try the unstable first, and if it doesn't work, try the stable.

"pseudo apple" #105 [3366hit][2004/04/09]
"pseudo apple" #103 [1391hit][2004/02/11]
"pseudo apple" #108 [42hit][2007/07/12]
"pseudo apple" #104 [34hit][2004/04/08]
"pseudo apple" #102 [229hit][2004/01/13]
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Unstable archive

"pseudo apple" unstable [Sat, 25 Sep 2021 08:43:00 GMT]

CVS repository

[2003/02/01] The cvs repository has moved to as follows:

cvs -d login
(Enter 'return' without inputting anything.)
cvs -d checkout pseudoapple

About CVS tags

NiseRingo is tagged by the rule of following, but there're some missing ones.